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Therapy for Individuals

Often there is a desire to talk but concern about who to share your thoughts with. Choosing to talk with a counsellor means choosing to explore what's going on with someone different who is 'one step removed' enough that you can see your world through fresh eyes and ears. 


Initially I can offer a 30 minute telephone appointment to give you the chance to ask any questions in particular and see if it feels 'right' to take the next step to booking the appointment. There is no pressure to make up your mind at that moment.


Thereafter I offer 50 minute sessions weekly. I've found this really helps to build trust between the client and myself. The frequency of sessions is then agreed between myself and the client. 

I can offer face to face, in-person in the first instance, but will be offering online or phone meetings in the future. Face-to-face sessions will take place in a private room within The Lomond Clinic, West Clyde Street, Helensburgh. 


Not everyone may feel they have a specific 'issue' to address. You may just have a sense that you are not where you want or expect to be. 

For some it can be reassuring to know I have some experience with the following issues:

  •  Anxiety/Depression

  •  Bereavement and loss

  •  Work stresses

  •  Decision making 

  •  Bullying

  •  Life changes

  •  Love

  •  Fertility/Pregnancy

  •  Parenting

  •  Relationship issues

  •  Education

  •  Low self esteem/Lack of confidence

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Trauma

  • Emotional awareness

  • Becoming you


Therapy Room 2 at The Lomond Clinic

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